W7 Photo Shoot 16 Hour Foundation Buff

After seeing very good reviews of W7's photo shoot foundation on beauty blogs I thought I'd give it a go since I'm always on the look out for new foundations. I've even begun to hoarder them lately. I got it in the shade Buff which is the lightest they have. There are only five shades available ranging from Buff to Natural Tan which I believe is the darkest shade available. There is no SPF. Photo Shoot Foundation apparently will give us a flawless even finish that lasts up to 16 hours. Before I cover this I will talk about the packaging.

Ever since I bought the product I have had problems with it. Firstly as soon as I took the lid off it went everywhere! As with the Cathy Doll BB Cream there is no plump and I've managed to spill it. I'm annoyingly clumsy with my creams lately. The liquid is extremely runny and a lot of it ends up wasted. Along with wiping most of it off your face because there is too much. It comes in quite a heavy glass bottle so no carry it in your bag for touch ups.

It doesn't really match my skin tone, it's quite dark with an orange tone to it, when applied to my face so I couldn't wear it on it's own. After taking it off I mixed with my Illamasqua Skin Base foundation in shade 001 which is pure white. I tend to mix this with a lot of my foundations to make the texture thicker and to match my skin tone. I didn't have flawless looking skin it said it would give me even mixed with another foundation. Since I've used the Illamasque before with other products I knew it was the W7 foundation that made my skin worse than it was at the time. A day after I used this my skin got more drier and I got a small rash which I get when using certain creams for foundations too harsh for my skin. If you have really sensitive skin please don't try this!

Overall I just think this a mess of a foundation, I wouldn't recommend this at all. Maybe the W7 eye liner pencil I bought is worth a look in but not the foundation. I can't really say if it lasted the 16 hours since I mixed it.

If you want to try it for yourself it retails at £3.50 on www.Amazon.co.uk which also has a lot of W7 products on there for low prices.