Hair Colour Stereotypes

I have to start with the hair colour that gets most of the stereotypes which would be blonde. Everyone's heard the "dumb blonde" phase, if you haven't you've been under a rock. I'll do both negative and if possible positive stereotypes of each hair colour.


  • Yeah I mentioned it but to be precise I'll just write it again, dumb
  • Overly sexual
  • Vain
  • Bitchy
  • Clumsy (Yahoo Answers)
  • Giggly
  • Whores (This is going a little too far for my liking but it's been said on the internet so it HAS to be true) Note my sarcasm  

On plus side they are said to be more fun


  • Intimidating
  • Once again more bitchy 
  • Judgmental 
  • Bitter around blondes, That's another one from Yahoo Answers (Is it me or are people a little more nastier on YA) Whoever uses it will know what I mean. Or its an angry green troll who answers everything?
Brunettes are more liked apparently on the plus side brunettes are sexy, worldly, mature, mysterious and smart.

Raven Haired Girls

  • Ruthless
  • Untrustworthy

I guess us raven haired lovies don't get much prejudice and stereotyping are way..Or I'm just not counting black hair with brown because is not much different, not.. 

Where went to be sexy and hard working as well


  • Fiery
  • Aggressive and or sexually aggressive
  • Sometimes seen as different negatively because only 2 per cent of our population
  • Have sharp tongues

On the positive side redheads can be seen as unusually beautiful, goddesses, sexy and their good in bed (Yes yet again an YA answer but hey what the heck its someone's opinion and it's not terribly awful)