Gosh CC Cream in Porcelain Review

Yay another Gosh product, apart from the Gosh concealer that really was just awful I generally really like Gosh products. When I was able to get my little hands on the new cc cream I couldn't wait to try it out. I bought it in the lightest shade available, porcelain. Okay cc creams are just another marking ploy now bb creams are so widely seen now but I really I this product.

Its better than Gosh's bb cream which I really liked too. The cc cream actually matches my skin tone. Now that doesn't happen ever. Never without mixing foundations. The cc promised or should I say this product might/may make your skin look less tired, it will illuminate and evens out your skin tone. So what did it really do? It did even out my skin tone, hid my freckles a little. All good then for me. Gosh cc cream comes with SPF 12 which could be better but at least it has some in it. The shade range is of 5-6? So not a huge range but quite good. The tube size is 30ml.
The only little flaw it has is at the end of the day it makes your face looking shiny. It does last though but I would advise using powder along with the cream.