Supermarket Buys

George at Asda

Glamour eyes Liquid Eyeliner 4ml

As supermarket own brand make-up goes the ranges are not as popular as the most well known brands and some ideas that they just cant complete with other brands. In the past I've tried the odd item from Asda's make-up range. Some good and others not so good. In this post I'll write and review about two items I picked up during my last shop at Asda, both items cost less than 4 pound for both.

Like foundations I love trying out new liquid eyeliners. The ones in the pot have anyways been my favourite by far. I am utterly useless at winged eyeliner or cats eyes with pencil eyeliner. I did try gel eyeliner but that wasn't very good either, (I'll do a post on my gel eyeliner which now I only use on my eyebrows soon)

Okay so this is the appearance which is nothing eye catching or special but this matters little in my eyes its how it works. 


The application brush is neither too thick or small which is good. Once applied it's fast drying and the medium sized brush allows you make precision lines. Unfortunately it's not waterproof. Another downside is that if you pull the applicator out from the bottle too fast excess liquid gets all over your hand. Overall I do like the product the brush and no chip (I mean by chip by it peeling off not long after you've had it) eyeliner makes it really good.

It's long lasting which is always a great part of any liquid eyeliner. I bought this in black, I'm such a creature of habit, it's always black eyeliner. But for those who like other colours the range is limited to around 2-3, I think. I know I should of found other before writing this, sorry!

Would I buy this again? Yes why not? It has more cons than pros.

Retails are £2.75

So on to my second buy from Asda nail varnish

George Quick Dry Nail Varnish in Red (Scarlett's Kiss) 5ml

I loved the very bright red colour of this nail varnish. It looked great on. But I don't like the product. Was it fast drying? Maybe I honestly didn't notice. So to the negative, it lasted a day and I feel generous saying that long. I know nail varnish on real nails doesn't last as long as we would like but a half a day I'm going with because it wasn't long at all lasting. I applied two coats as custom and the next during the afternoon I had a lot of chips here and there.

There is a lot of different shades on offer
but I feel they just aren't all that
good. If you don't mind re-doing your
nails every night and putting up with
chips I'd check them out. If not I'd look elsewhere.

Would I buy this again? No, the quality isn't there

Retails at £1.00 usually £2.00 the other ranges retail at £2.00-£3.00 each