Make-up Styles from 1920 to 1930


I decided it would be fun to write about the different type of fashionable make-up styles during the eras, something I have done a little research on before starting this blog. I do intend to carry on decade to decade but for this post I'll start with the 20's and 30's when make-up was widely used by many women.
Lips in the 1920's where all about the cupids bow painted in deep reds, plum and dark browns. Cupids bow was exaggerating both lower and upper lips.
Unlike today fake tan was not the vogue, pale flawless was the most desired. Cream or ivory coloured face powder was very popular. Along with a fair complexion blush was used too in colours of a delicate light pink to raspberry.  
Eyes in the 1920's where heavily made up and dark. Inspired by Cleopatra's Kohl lined eyes women would copy the style, the margins of the eyeliner would be smudged along with the smoky eyes effect using black, grey and blue. Eyelashes where black and curled and long.  
Eyebrows where a very important part of make-up in the 1920's. Most women would shaved their real eyebrows off and draw them back in so they was downwards sloping. They was always black and very thin.
In the 1930's lips compared to the 20's changed from bright pinks and raspberry tones to lighter tones but still with dark reds and maroon shades. The style in which lipstick was applied changed to. From the cupids bow women preferred a more full mouth lipstick and more elongated bow that rounded and flared at the edges.
Unlike the lips the trend changed in the 1930's for eyes quite dramatically. Gone was the thick Kohl eye and dark eye shadows and replaced with thin eyeliner which was traced from the tear duct with an upturned triangle effect. Mascara was an important part of make-up still but was only used on the top eyelashes. Lower eyelashes where always left without. Popular eye shadows came in pinks and shimmers. In the day time some women would use Vaseline on their eye lids to match the shine of their eyebrows.
Eyebrows as in the 20's where plucked very thin or shaved off completely then using an eyebrow pencil they was drawn back in thin and drawn down to the temple. To make them shine Vaseline was applied to the eyebrows. Olive Oil was also used to dress eyebrows.  
For the face it was preferred for women to look white and waxy or tea rose which was ivory with a hint of pink. Foundation and powder where in light tone and the blusher was a pale pink. Later on more brighter blushers where used.
So which is your favourite? I find I'm more towards the 1930's style myself :)
All images are from Google