Fashion trends of 2013 that border lined    offensive

What did I and the internet find offensive in 2013? Let me show you. I'll rate by passable, awful and offensive and let us remember what made us pull that face, you know the one when you walk in a shop or look online and see a certain item you don't ANYONE would ever wear. But they did. Please if I miss any from forgetfulness or being idle do comment below. Do be kind! This is my first fashion post.


Spikes where everywhere in 2013. And I mean EVERYWHERE. Bra, shoes, dresses and even jackets. Not only did they look rather fetish and scary but it was just overdone with every item needing spikes we know where way too much to ever like the shoes are quite nice so I can't hate this trend so much. Now its gone away I will appreciated some of what spiked shoes have to offer. Verdict: Passable


   Suspender tights  
Yes I have to owe up I owned a pair, no really I actually owned a few pairs. Looking back I do yes kind of cringe, I was wearing an item that really doesn't need to be seen or made into tights. I'm still learning give me break please. Made popular in 2012 they rode that popularity well into 2013. Even now I see the odd pair on women still. I don't hate them so much but they won't be making their way back into my tights draw, there up here because it seems they was both widely loved and hated, kind of like marmite. Verdict: Passable

The Geek Trend  
The geek trend seemed to creep up, it started small and then EXPLODED. I may be exaggerating a little, maybe. I really mean it wasn't around and then it was everywhere. Thankfully I never "got it" nor wore it. The geek glasses (You know which ones) the ones everyone was wearing and they didn't even need to. That's fashion for you.    
Verdict: Offensive

Ugg Boots
Whether its Ugg's or Cuggs or Huggs, I may have made up the last two, I'm referring to the boots that look like Uggs but are not and half the price. I'll admit their warm and I've worn a pair when it's just too cold for any other pair of shoes and you want to feel your feet while your outside. I stopped wearing them when I saw not just one or two other women wore them but it was the only boots everyone seemed to actually wore, the colours started getting odder and odder too. On another note they are just not good when raining, any one who has worn them will know what I mean. And people wear them in Summer, it's true I've seen them.
Verdict: Awful (because they are unbelievably unpractical when its raining or snowing and everyone wears them)

Wedge Trainers
Enough said, Verdict Offensive
I did mention they would put spikes on anything