Cathy Doll BB L-Glutathione Magic Cream

My first post yay! So I thought I would write about a product, Cathy Doll BB L-Glutathione Magic Cream. I bought this not so long again and use daily given my skin is good! I have lot of problems with dry skin and most foundations highlight the fact. So decided to leave off the foundation and try this new cream I come across on Amazon from Thailand (Don't let the delivery aspect put you off, I got mine within a week. Which can't be said for some of my purchases from this country yes I'm talking about you Royal Mail). I had never heard of this cream before and found it purely by chance in my many make-up searches on Amazon. After doing what little there is regarding searching for reviews I decided for the price it was worth the risk and just buy it.

(Please excuse the pictures I know they are not the best)!

In a way it's marketed as a whitening cream but not in the traditional sense because basically this is a white BB cream with a high SPF of 130. The people who used this mentioned it worked well on lightening dark/tanned skin tones but did not last. It's a leave on and wash off type of whitening cream and can be used on the face and body. I find though this works very well with pale/fair skin tones and using this as a blemish hider and protection from the sun. I'm very pale and use this to hide any break outs and for the SPF. It's very light on the skin and natural looking.

So is it worth trying out Cathy Doll Magic Cream? I'd say yes whether your looking to get a fairer complexion, hide blemishes and to even out skin tones and for the sun coverage and it brightened my skin as well. But the downside is if you have dry skin this tends to show patches. It needs to be rubbed in quite a bit and left to settle in so to speak! Unless your looking for the whiter and white look it needs to be blended in with fingers or a sponge. I tried a make-up brush but it wasn't working well. Maybe it's my cheap brush I’m not sure, I really need to buy a better one. After I used this I would set with powder (NYC Smooth Skin powder in Translucent) to give a lovely matte finish.

I loved the packaging, I have a thing for pretty packaging and the smell is very nice. The downside is if you don't like products with a strong scent you may not like wearing this. Another downside is the actual packaging as cute as it is. Despite how it looks it's not very good. As soon as I opened it I realized there was no pump, it's squeeze tube. I found this out when it came out too fast and went all over my desk! The lid is not something to be desired. It's fiddly to put on and once you have it lets out excess cream. I found this out when I put this in my bag because it's travel size and wasn't sure if I would need to top up during the day.

Another good point for this was it does last long. It lasted me around 6 hours (this is only a rough guess) This product does have it's pros and cons but I do like it. I liked how it made my skin look flawless and covered my freckles. It has a runny consistency but workable.

Retails at £2.60 for 60ml on www.Amazon.co.uk but prices are varied

If you want the link for the seller I bought from please email me :)